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BXCQ Explosion-proof Overflow Static Grounding Control System (Ex db [ia] IIB+H2)

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  • Used to monitor and protect in petroleum and chemical plants, petrol stations, oil depots and tanker assembly and disassembly depots etc.  Provides overflow static protection and quantitative loading system interlocking control. Avoid overflow accidents and ensure safe static grounding.
  • Explosion protection to IEC Standards
  • Can be use in Zone 1 and Zone 2
  • Flameproof controller for reliable explosion-proof performance
  • The static grounding clamp has a tanker identification function, ensuring that it is installed on the tanker correctly. Non sparking grounding clamp.
  • The static grounding clamp has a resistance inspection and liquid level monitoring function which provides a local and remote audible and visual alarm and interlocking signal for “static” and overflow” status. Alert the operator to problems and avoid overflow accidents.
  • Grounding body resistance has an inspection function, ensuring a reliable grounding of the system. When electrostatic grounding is bad or grounding loop resistance > 10Ω , the system sounds an alarm warning.
  • With voice and LCD function, the intensity of the sound is 70-120db.
  • Relay signal output for the DCS pump (valve). When grounding is abnormal, pump operation is stopped. The audible and visual alarm can be remote controlled, remind operator the real-time status of on-site grounding.
  • Red LED shows warning, green LED shows normal function, yellow LED shows standby status.
  • The system can intelligently detect whether human static voltage is conducted. When the human static voltage is at a dangerous value an audible and visual alarm is initiated.
  • IECEx Certificate No. TPS 19.0039X