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CXH□-1L Series LED Navigation Lights

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  • The enclosure is press formed from stainless steel with a powder coated surface;
  • Polycarbonate transparent lens is UV resistant and colorfast
  • Maritime special aluminium alloy radiator can effectively dissipate the heat from the light source;
  • International brand of LED used with a service life more than 100,000 hours;
  • Designed with a main power and auxiliary power input, mutually non-interfering;
    Main power: 220V/230V AC, lights the top LED light;
    Auxiliary power: 24V DC, lights the bottom LED light;
  • The base of light fitting is equipped with a breather to balance the pressure inside and outside the housing;
  • Equipped with a terminal box for convenient installation
  • Conforms to the International Regulations For Preventing Collisions at Sea, 1972, Rules For Classification Of Sea-going Steel Ships. lEC60598.1 and GB/T3028
  • CCS type certificate, BV certificate, ABS certificate