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FAT-E Series Weatherproof LED Floodlights (B type)

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  • Die-cast aluminum alloy enclosure with powder coated surface.
  • Stainless steel exposed fasteners, with high corrosion-proof performance.
  • Secondary light distribution system designed by professional optical design software, with reasonable light distribution, uniform illumination, high reflectivity and high utilization.
  • Polycarbonate transparent cover, high light transmittance, impact resistant.
  • Patented self-cleaning design sheds water and dust under normal working conditions.
  • Unique angle adjusting mechanism, which can adjust the illumination angle in accordance with user requirements.
  • Equipped with directly-supplying type LED modules, which provide long service life with high luminous efficiency, high color rendering and green environment rating.
  • Modular design, convenient for overhauling and upgrading.
  • Open heat dissipation structure, dissipates heat effectively to ensure long service life.
  • Cable wiring.