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PXK Series Explosion-proof Pressurised Distribution Cabinets

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Explosion-proof Pressurised Distribution Cabinets Ex pzc IIC T5 Gc, Ex pzc IIIC T95°C Dc

  • Explosion protection to
  • Can be used in
    Zone 1 and Zone 2
    Zone 21 and Zone 22
  • Explosion-proof types llB, IIC.
  • Available in types G, X, Q, T, K.
  • The product consists of a main cavity and an auxiliary cavity. The main cavity is pressurized and equipped with electrical components to user requirements and a pressure check sensor system, ventilation air distribution system, and air conditioning system, etc.; the auxiliary cavity is installed with explosion-proof ventilation auto-control system, explosion-proof power auto-off system, explosion-proof alarm system, explosion-proof pressure display system, and air in/out connector; the auxiliary cavity with auto-air supply
    is equipped with an explosion-proof air supply device.
  • The cabinet is manufactured from high quality welded steel plate with front operation and rear maintenance access.
  • The back doors of the cabinet type and piano type cabinets can be quickly opened and are convenient for installation and maintenance.
  • IECEx EUT 17.0002X