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FAM-E Series High Efficiency Energy-saving LED Street Lamps

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  • IP65 die-cast aluminum alloy enclosure with a powder coated surface.
  • Equipped with international brand LED lamps providing unidirectional, even and soft light with high luminous efficiency, high color rendering and a long service life.
  • Special constant flow source, constant power output, with open circuit protection, short circuit protection, etc. to ensure the lamps have long service life and reliability.
  • Special cooling structure provides good heat dissipation capacity and reliable heat conduction,
  • Optional pole is made of high quality steel plate with an electrostatic spray coating on the surface applied after hot-dip zinc coating inside and out. The poles can be widely used in chemical plants for road lighting.
  • Street lamps and light poles have a wind resistance capacity up to 40 m/s and can be used in areas with high wind speeds.
  • Can be equipped with a solar cell panel and powered by the sun for more than 15 hours before requiring another charge.
  • The operational state of the lamp can be controlled by the light level, time or by other intelligent methods
  • Almost maintenance-free operation.