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GFD-E Series Weatherproof LED Square Lamps

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  • The light fitting is high strength, corrosion-proof, high color rendering, long service life, high energy efficiency, high illumination efficiency utilization etc.
  • LED features low energy consumption, is pollution-free, offers green environmental rating and is instant starting.
  • Special light distribution, anti-glare design, which can be used for lighting in large areas
  • Includes overheating and short circuit protection.
  • Effective heat management which can prolong the service life of the components in the LED lamp and electrical cabinet, to prolong the service life of the LED lamp.
  • Specially made sealing strips are embedded type, with strong waterproof and dust-proof performance.
  • Waterproof plug docking interface electrical connection is convenient for lamp module replacement and drive power overhauling and maintenance etc.
  • The enclosure is an integrated structure, with attractive appearance.